About us

Free By Sport:

A company founded in Gibraltar in 2015, whose experience lies in professional sports development projects including worldwide sports education, investment, legal advice, consulting, management and event planning. We create personalised platforms for each individual entity, federation or agent where we can boost success to the next level.

We believe sports allow us to live freely and achieve the life goals we set upon ourselves, the encouragement and motivation to take them on is a great expression of freedom. With our main focus being, but not limited to, large sports entities we continually support all sports related categories offering services such as strategic planning, consultation, investment and sponsorship as well as legal affairs. We pride ourselves in the successful planning of sports events, academy formation and especially, educational sports programs linked to many universities within Europe, South America and the USA.

Free By Sport is known for having signed the most foreign players within the Gibraltar and Spain leagues in the last 7 years. We have added more than 500 players to the leagues, 100 of which have successfully managed to play in the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Conference League competitions. In addition, Free By Sport obtained the classification of Mons Calpe Sports Club for the UEFA Conference League in 2021/2022, increasing the value of all footballers who participated in the process.

The founder, Leonardo Federico Vela, is known for brining one of the largest investments in Gibraltar’s football since the League entered UEFA and later FIFA. His experience in organising and developing Storm F.C., a Football Club from Miami, Florida in 2016 proved successful as he later expanded to take over and further develop Mons Calpe SC in Gibraltar. Due to the outstanding results of his efforts 30% of the players currently playing within Gibraltar’s League, whether foreign or local, have progressed and improved their skills greatly, understanding the overall professional standards developed by the Free By Sport program.

Since the incorporation of Free By Sport, via the Mons Calpe Sports Club, approximately 20% of Gibraltar’s National League senior selection players and 30% of the U21 selection have taken part in the Free By Sport program.