What is its true meaning? Why are they built from the ground up? Why are they so important to maintain? How do they add value to a club?

A unique bond, our future, to motivate us, to inspire us….

At some point during the transition into adulthood, we misplace our values, we sometimes forget to enjoy what we love, we may even forget to compete with maximum passion.

In short, we forget to observe ourselves deeply.

Our youth, who are motivated by watching the professionals play, score & obtain results all while their curious brains try and make out how it all happened, while remembering they do not have a slow-motion button as they would on their gaming consoles. They may question how it was on target, some will reply with ‘I can do that easy’, others will sit there and remember the time they missed a goal which they replay over and over in the head that will make them consider their talent & abilities, ultimately questioning their limit. A professional player in the eyes of a child is much more than they believe, they are a visual target figure for children to reflect on, who they would like to be or what qualities they would like to achieve as a player. Many a times, unknowingly that there are no development limits in the world of sport and that they all have the capacity to exceed their expectations so long as they continue to observe.

A child’s imagination and creativity is unlimited, it is based on who and what they see as well as what they hear and what they may misunderstand, how they create game play opportunities & come up with the best unexpected responses and expressions. You see their ‘incorrect’ actions or responses reflect the sponge of information they have gathered and attempted to put together themselves from their observations, this is a skill not many adults often keep. When we require information, we usually search for it or ask for clarification, we often unappreciate how talented our minds can continue to be.

They will mimic game play, attitudes (not only those of players), make heart shape hand gestures, trendy dance movements and more. If every player, referee & coach noticed the impact they make on children via the much loved and powerful sport which travels around the world, they would soon realise that football, for those who enjoy it, is the most educational way of developing children within a positive environment, a way they thrive to learn, in particular for children who’s ability to concentrate, absorb and learn is best practiced during physical activity.

We have continuously seen clips of players who have perhaps handed their game shirt to a child in the stand. To the media, that was a wonderful gesture, to others near by, they may wish they had been ‘the chosen one’ however, to the child watching an idol choose him or her to be gifted a single unique item by a player they have just watched… may have been the exact little gesture they needed that day when they were considering giving up football, for regularly being selected last during  squad selection or for not having the courage to feel confident. Be mindful, the tears dropping down their faces which to many may solely believe are tears of joy, may in fact be tears of motivation, appreciation or a new positive mind set in a young child’s mind.

In the very same way a professional player can so easily make an impact on an academy player, an academy player so often and so effortlessly motivate and inspire premier players with their never ending cheer of  hope, deep innocence, lively spirit, emotional appreciation and joyful excitement when getting a chance to visit their idols  locker rooms, have the opportunity to be a ball boy on match day or simply catch the right moment to speak wish them luck. These small reoccurring moments the professionals experience daily who may have all but forgotten the dream they one had and now live daily, through the eyes of a young aspiring player creates a unique eye catching bond as individuals who impact or place perspective within your life are always remembered when you least expect it.