The Premier League

I believe that the Premier League is the best set out league of all modern football. This is because none of the referees agree with what the players have to say and do not allow players to overstep their mark or allow fans to affect their decision. The premier league staff should use their money more wisely as they spend way too much money in building stadiums and not enough on valuable players.

Another reason I love the premier league is because it is only a brief flight away from where I live, meaning I can catch a game every now and again. My favourite team is Liverpool who belong in the Premier League and are currently 8th from the top. I have been a Liverpool fan since I was about 8-9 years years old and my all time favourite current Liverpool player is Alexander Arnold. His fantastic play style and passing. He inspires me to play using his techniques. My all time favourite past Liverpool player is Fernando Torres. He is an icon for many both in person and on FIFA, however specifically for me, the reasons why I feel he deserves to be my favourite is because he is a fantastic striker, and he is very good at making plays as well as being a great captain proving he can provide his teammates with confidence and motivation. 

Aiden’s Facts:

Champions league: 

The top goal scorer of the all time in the History of the Champions League presently is Cristiano Ronaldo with 140.

The player with the most champions league assists is Lionel Messi, he has won several awards including 7 ballon d’ors.

The player with the most goals scored in Premier League history to date is a player who has scored more goals than any other player in the Premier League itself which is Alan Shearer with a whopping 260 goals in his career.

The player with the most goals in the history of La liga is Messi again, with an amount of 474. 

Finally the player with the most goals scored in the history of football is Cristiano Ronaldo with an impressive 834 goals in his entire career. 

Last but not least is the player who has the record of most assists in football history is Lionel Messi with 390 assists in his career.

Aiden Dellipiani